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Flexible Benefits (Benefit Tips ® - © 2001)

Many employers provide a benefit plan designed for a breadwinner, stay-at-home spouse and 2 children. They don’t consider that benefit priorities change over time and vary based on personal circumstances. Our diverse workforce deserves a more progressive approach to compensation.

One method of providing flexibility is to use a flexible benefit program to accept employee and employer benefit contributions. Employees can then allocate flex-credits to various benefits based on their unique needs and values.

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Health Education (Benefit Tips ® - © 2001)

I’ve known Cathy (name altered) for a decade as the primary contact for one of my best clients. At 54, she was healthy, active and enjoyed working as an office manager. We typically met at her office but today I was in her home. Ten weeks ago Cathy had 3 early-warning signs of a stroke. She went to her doctor out of concern, but he misdiagnosed her condition. Two weeks later she was hospitalized with a massive stroke.

Cathy has a long road ahead of her to regain her health. The employee benefits plan will respond to her financial needs by paying for medication, rehabilitation and $400,000 of income continuation. But nothing can undo the physical damage that she has suffered and the emotional turmoil that she and her family are going through.

Cathy knew enough to seek for help but didn’t have the resources to pursue it further. I can’t help but wish that her employer provided a wellness program with the resources that could help her confidently demand the care that she needed to prevent this disaster. Please consider a wellness program to educate your staff and provide access to a second opinion.