Collaborative Plan Design (Benefit Tips ® - © 2014)

Does your relationship with employees have enough transparency to involve them in the benefit plan design process? If so, they can ensure a better outcome and long-term support for your benefit plan program. Once the leadership develops the goals, values and strategies of the benefit plan then staff can participate in the deciding amongst the various plan design options.

Advantage of Employee Involvement:

Engaging employees in your benefit plan design process enhances your corporate culture and fosters:

  • Shared understanding of competing needs and values
  • Developing unique solutions
  • Feeling heard and valued
  • Promoting a sense of community
  • Acceptance of outcome
  • Problem solving disposition

Process of Employee Involvement:

Once you know what you want to accomplish with your employee benefit plan and have set a budget, invite employees to participate in the final design.

  • Share direction, goals, values, strategies and options
  • Invite employees to participate in a working group
  • Provide resources (benefit expertise) for the working group
  • Communicate the outcome and summarize the process